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Countless hours of in depth research and numerous cutting edge tools go into our rating process. We strive to bring consumers quick and easy answers wrapped in an intuitive, user friendly package.

The first, and most important, part of the rating process is the research. We send our experts to dive into every provider in the market and they leave no stone unturned. We don’t stop in only theoretical research, we make a point to use each service we review so we see things from the consumer’s perspective.

When we go to make a consumer decision there are plenty of criteria we need to consider, but the main criteria of any consumer comparison, for each and every one of us is first and foremost pricing. We make sure to give out as much information as possible here to help our clients distinguish between the good deals and the bad ones.

Another tricky criteria that can sway decisions quite significantly but usually gets ignored in comparisons due to it’s hard to follow nature are deals and promotions. We keep our site updated at all times on the very latest of the special deals on offer in the market for each and every brand.

Not all aspects of comparisons can be quantified that easily though. We make sure to also show our clients the parts of each service you can’t really put a number on, but can be hugely valuable and can help clients decide with much more confidence. We are, of course, talking about service levels and guarantees. We will keep you informed on all those details, for example; which brands offer a money-back or satisfaction guarantees (and what are the fine prints on those), which brands offer 24/7 support line, which brands offer more in terms of privacy and anonymity and so on and so forth.

We believe there’s no one right answer when it comes to consumer decisions and the best advice for one person could be wrong for another person. This is why we try to modify and tailor each and every one of our clients the best advice for them. Using sophisticated big data sets we analyze trends, Segments & indicators and bring insights so we can filter our chart for each and every individual user, according to their preferences and what they indicated they are looking for.

Our wish is to empower our users to make educated and confident decisions in a quick and easy manner.

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