ServicePlus Home Warranty


Coverage Limits

When hiring a home warranty service, you always need to know what you’re getting in return for your cash. ServicePlus Home Warranty offers a whopping $1,500 for access, diagnosis, repair and/or replacement of all covered items. ServicePlus also gives you individual coverage for specific items which is great.


ServicePlus won’t cover pre-existing conditions or poor maintenance just like most of the companies in the business so make sure that your systems and appliances are in good shape before moving forward. 

ServicePlus Home Warranty gives you roof leak coverage free of charge when signing up to any of their plans. Trust us, you won’t see many companies doing this.

Get out your notepad, look around your house for a while and figure out what you’d like to have covered by your plan. Doing this little task before getting a hold of ServicePlus Home Warranty will do wonders in getting yourself a surprising deal! 

Apart from the two available plans (Gold and Platinum), ServicePlus Home Warranty lets you add optional coverage for items such as:

  • Additional A/C system
  • Additional heating system
  • Additional water heater
  • Additional garage door opener
  • Additional spa
  • Central vacuum
  • Ice maker
  • Limited roof leak
  • Pool/spa
  • Second refrigerator
  • Septic system
  • Septic pump
  • Stand-alone freezer
  • Sump pump
  • Water softener
  • Well pump

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In a few words

ServicePlus Home Warranty is a Home Warranty company that offers you appliance and system coverage at reasonable prices and is available in almost the entire U.S. Let’s dig deeper and see what ServicePlus can do for you!


  • $200 off + 2 Months free
  • Free roof coverage
  • Pre-Screened Contractors
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Short claim period

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ServicePlus Home Warranty
Premiums $479/year
Coverage All states except for California,
Iowa, Nevada, New York & Washington
Customer Service Available 24/7
Contractor Network Number not disclosed
Home Inspection Not needed
Service Fee $60
Item Gold Plan Platinum Plan
Built-in microwave + +
Ceiling / exhaust fan + +
Cooktop + +
Dishwasher + +
Ductwork + +
Electrical system + +
Garage door opener + +
Garbage disposal + +
Oven / range / stove + +
Plumbing stoppage + +
Plumbing system + +
Sump pump + +
Trash compactor + +
Whirlpool bath + +
Water heater + +
Air conditioning - +
Clothes washer / dryer - +
Heating system - +
Refrigerator - +


ServicePlus lets you choose between 2 plans – Gold and Platinum.

Plan Price
Gold $46/month
Platinum $52/month

If you want to get a wider variety of systems and appliances covered then we suggest the Platinum Plan. Even though the price is slightly higher than the Gold version, the extra coverage is worth the price.

If ServicePlus isn’t what you wanted, you can cancel your contract during the first 30 days for a full refund at a low cancelation fee of $50. 

ServicePlus Home Warranty is known for its deals. If you hire one of their plans now, they’ll give you $200 off, 2 Months free and free roof coverage. This is the most we’ve seen any home warranty company do!

Technicians & Contractors

Even though ServicePlus Home Warranty is a relatively new company, they put a lot of effort into working with the best contractors in the market. All their technicians are pre-screened and go through a strict hiring process. They are all based in the community which also helps build confidence and leave you at ease.

What are the coverage limits?

Pretty much all home warranty contracts have a coverage limit or cap. If the cost of a repair or replacement is above this limit, the customer is responsible for paying the difference.

Item Coverage limit
Refrigerant $10 per pound
Lawn sprinkler systems,
refrigerator ice maker,
septic tank pumping
$200 per term
Ceiling and exhaust fans $400 per term
Ductwork, electrical system,
limited roof leak, plumbing system
and stoppages, pools and spas,
septic system, sump pump, water
heater, water softener, whirlpool bathtubs
$500 per term


Customer Reviews

“Great company helped me out a lot when my fridge broke as well as a fantastic rate” – Jack, December 31st 2020

“My house is older and is getting run down from wear and tear so I will be keeping my ServicePlus plan because they're so helpful!” – Chloe, November 11th 2018

“When my dryer gave out on me, I called ServicePlus and they made the arrangements for someone to come and fix it. And it was done efficiently. I only had to pay my deductible. I recommend this to anyone who has trouble with their appliances.” -  Adaya, August 23rd 2018

Final Verdict

ServicePlus Home Warranty hasn’t been around for as long as some of the veterans in home warranty but they put in the work day in and out. Their contractor pre-screening and extensive coverage are very pleasant and worth noting when picking up your home warranty. We are positively surprised and recommend giving them a try. 


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